Clients from around the globe, including Italy, France, the UK, and the USA, have sought his expertise. With profound knowledge in Indian astrology, he guides individuals to find the perfect moments for significant life events such as family matters, marriage, love, job, and business affairs.

Grande guida, grandissima persona. Siamo rimasti impressionati dai suoi racconti e dalle sue spiegazioni. Consiglio di contattarlo qualora voleste visitare Jaipur. Anche un grandissimo astrologo. Grazie di tutte le preziose informazioni che ci hai dato!

Giorgia Ruffilli

A magnificent astrologer and wonderful kind man. Would highly recommend anyone in Jaipur to make an appointment for their horoscopes to be explained. He was also a fantastic tour guide which made my time in Jaipur. Would most definitely highly recommend.

Laura Smith
Great person and also true professionist. Recommended for tourist guide in Jaipur and also for nice interestingly horoscope (yeah.. also astrology generally). THANK U SO MUCH. We never know what kind of surprises life’s about to bring. India and person like you are one of these surprises.
Loris Van Gogh Rigoni
Simply amazing, whatever told was exactly the same. The foremost thing is that there is no fraudulent and fake promises, price is also very reasonable. Must must visit him to know more about your life
Manisha Pareek

andata in India per un viaggio..ho avuto il piacere incontrare questa splendida persona …mi sono sottoposta al quadro astrale ed ha molti aspetti della mia esperienza di vita…grazie

Maria Rita Valentini
Uomo di grande spessore che con la sua semplicità ci ha permeso di conoscere la gentilezza e la bellezza della sua India.
Ti porteremo sempre nei nostri cuori!
�� Namaste
Ottavio Luise

In the city built to look up to the sky we met a great man who helped us to see our stars.

Toti Di Dio

Persona speciale di fiducia Ottima guida parla un buon italiano Serio astrologo Raccomando a chi va a Jaipur e dintorni

Maria Grazia Loredana Baldan

Had probably the best guided tour ever in India!!
Thakur is a real astrologer and expert of Jantar Mantar: he explained me in detail every part of it and I was blown away by this place!
Plus he offered me to read my horoscope and the day after I met him: it’s incredible how many things he guessed without knowing me at all!
He is a real astrologer with long studies on his back and I recommend him 100%!
If you are in Jaipur don’t miss him!
He also will study and read your horoscope online if you’re abroad!

Thank you, Thakur!! 🙏🏼⭐️✨

Michele C

Mr Thakur has devoted to his depth astrological knowledge.His prediction is accurate with perfect remedies.He is only one indian astrologer who know french and italian language. I am completly satisfied with his predictions.

bablu kumar

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Thakur. It was an absolute privilege to spend a couple of hours in his company. His love and knowledge of Jaipur was beyond excellent. His total respect for us, his clients was exemplary. He totally made sure we had the best possible Jaipur experience. We were so lucky to have met him. Thanks to the company Creative Travel for the recommendation.

Linda H

We met Thakur in Jaipur and we had the best astrology experience ever. If you are looking for something special in Jaipur you must to do it!
He is professionalism and accurancy, make your Astrology consultant in another level.


I was visiting India in January and I had the pleasure to have Thakur as a guide through the pink city Jaipur. In only one day I realised his experience and his professionalism in his field.
If you speak with him you’ll understand that being an astrologer is not something that everyone can do but is a complex study that only few people, like Thakur with his 30 years of experience, can explain and really help your life.
If you go to Jaipur don’t miss meeting Thakur, it’ll be an experience that you won’t forget.

Edoardo G

I met Thakur as a professional guide in Jaipur and I had the occasion to appreciate his particulare expertise in this field.
Thakur introduced me to the misteries of astrology and I am very greatiful for that.

Giovanni Grasso

Persona speciale Thakur, una di quelle che fa piacere incontrare, e che ti fa capire e rivedere quello che si pensa dell’astrologia.

Edoardo G

I took the city tour of Jaipur with an Indian astrologer, Mr. Thakur Swaroop. He is a very good person, very competent, very professional and very prepared. He is also an extremely polite, empathetic and pleasant person! If you are in Jaipur contact him! He’s very good! Dear Thakur, thank you for everything! You will always remain in my heart and mind! Enzo


Giovanni Grasso